The Challenge

One of Australia’s most truely awe inspiring and magical locations, Mayfield, situated just on the other side of the Blue Mountains is a mad-made wonder that needs to be seen to be believed.


When developing websites, the planning phase is often one of the most important. Careful consideration for the end user's experience needs to be managed along with the content management system.


Once planning is complete, designs are signed off and assets are all compiled. It's time to deploy the site.


Ensuring that the website is properly monitored and optimised once live is just one of the services Indi is well known for.

Client: Mayfield


Type: Development, hosting, build and optimisation

Mayfield Garden, one of Australia’s most beautiful gardens. The only thing more amazing by the landscape is appreciating the fact that it is completely man made.

Developing the website for Mayfield was much more than just showcasing a world renowned garden. Mayfield has so much more to offer, whether it be their first class restaurant or the amazing and hand picked selection in the nursery, or any number of the fantastic events they have. To capture the pure magic that occurs at Mayfield required a world class website that was as well laid out as their maze.