Visit Oberon


The Challenge

To design, develop and house not only a beautiful and modern website that represents the look and feel of Oberon. But to cover the wide variety of businesses, tourism, activities, community offerings, events and so much more. The Visit Oberon website not only achieves this, but does so in an elegant yet local manner that welcomes visitors to the website.


When developing websites, the planning phase is often one of the most important. Careful consideration for the end user's experience needs to be managed along with the content management system.


Once planning is complete, designs are signed off and assets are all compiled. It's time to deploy the site.


Ensuring that the website is properly monitored and optimised once live is just one of the services Indi is well known for.

Client: Oberon Business and Tourism Association (OBTA)


Type: Design, development, hosting, deployment and optimisation

Oberon is a small town nestled away in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, NSW. It is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders, some of which are  internationally listed. Underpinning this is a rich tapestry of businesses that are as diverse as they are excellent in their fields and support for the wider community.

OBTA is the result of these businesses and tourism operations coming together to support one another to grow not just their own business, but also the Oberon and surrounding communities as a whole. As a task though, in designing, developing and adding value to the members of the organisation. This took substantial planning, re-planning, optimising and effort in building the website. A true testament to everyone involved in the project.